The Chinese Painted Quail
(The Button Quail)

The great popularity of Chinese Painted Quail (Button Quail) among aviculturists comes only partly from their tiny size and vibrancy of color. A large part of their popularity results from their availability and ease of  care.


This book about these little birds will be of immense practical value to beginners and long-time aviculturists alike, because in it the author spells out how to breed them and how to keep them healthy. This is a book of 160 pages with color prints and b/w photos.


Chapters include: What is a Chinese Painted Quail? Buying - Basic Housing - Basic Care - How to Raise - Keeping them Healthy - Some Common dieses - Some Common Parasites - Index.

What others say about this book...


I want to endorse your book - It provided me a wealth of information when I began breeding quail.



I bought your book, The Chinese Painted Quail, and found it a very information and interesting read.


 I have read your book. I liked it very much!!!!  I learned very much!  


Your books have been a great help.


I have your book and have enjoyed reading it.


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Their Breeding & Care

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